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Full range of professional chimney services in and around the greater Lowell, MA area.

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Chimney Tops

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The Chimney Top
Here is Why All Chimneys Need A Chimney Top:

Copper Tops    Stainless Tops

Stop Rain
The Chimney Top prevents rain from entering the chimney. Rain can cause metal damper and firebox rust or masonry firebox deterioration. Both are very expensive to repair.

Stop Animals
The Chimney Top will not allow birds, squirrels, raccoons, or other animals to nest in your chimney.

Arrest Sparks
The 18-gaugue wire mesh screen reduces the possibility of sparks blowing into the air and onto rooftops.

Discourage Downdraft
Where certain wind conditions exist, the Chimney Top will discourage downdrafts.

Note: The Chimney Top is for use on masonry chimneys only! Your chimney professional will be happy to recommend and install the right model and type of Gelco Chimney Top for you.

There are other types of chimney caps available for metal chimneys and vents
contact us for details.

Copper Tops

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Stainless Steel Tops

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